Flex Home Energy

Powell River, BC based Flex Home Energy provides Certified Energy Advisory Services for new and existing homes on the Upper and Lower Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island. Flex Home Energy is affiliated with Natural Resources Canada registered Service Organization Enervision and is certified to deliver:

  • Home Energy Modelling
  • Integrated Design Services
  • Airtightness Testing
  • Step Code Level Certification and Energuide Labelling

EnerGuide Rating System (ERS)

Energy Advisors are Registered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to deliver the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) for new and existing homes. Working closely with homeowners, renovators and builders, Energy Advisors provide expertise in home energy efficiency and building science to ensure Step Code compliance.

The EnerGuide Rating System summarizes the energy efficiency of a home and identifies areas where efficiencies can be dramatically improved. An EnerGuide label is the official record of a home’s energy performance.

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BC STEP CODE Energy Efficiency Requirements

The BC Energy Step Code requires Part 9 builders to work with an Energy Advisor to: review plans, model energy consumption, conduct air tightness testing and verify that the as-built home will meet the energy performance requirement of a given step of the BC Energy Step Code.

Home Energy Modelling

Building new? Plans in early stage design? Establishing your Step Code target?

  • Using whole-building performance simulation, energy modelling determines how the home as a system gains and loses energy
  • Contractor/Builder consultation

Integrated Design Services

An Energy Designer works with builders/homeowners to achieve an integrated design process which will optimize energy performance and lowest cost build by addressing:

  • Envelope plans/assembly details 
  • Effective insulation (RSI) calculations for each assembly used in the home 
  • Details for areas with significant thermal bridges
  • Airtightness details demonstrating a continuous air barrier

Airtightness Testing

A Blower Door Test is used to measure a home’s air tightness and will indicate the amount of air leaking through a building’s total enclosure or “skin”. 


Flex Home Energy together with Enervision, a western Canadian leader in home energy compliance, is pleased to offer web-based presentations tailored for building officials, builders, trades and homeowners.

  • How to work with Energy Advisors 
  • How the BC Step Code works 
  • Air barrier systems and heating systems

If your group would like an online session please CONTACT us.

About Dan Tatham BID, LEED AP

Dan Tatham has decades of experience as a designer, builder and project manager working with owners, builders, trades, architects and engineers.

B.I.D. – Bachelor of Industrial Design; LEED AP – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional; Member, Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors

Powell River, BC, Canada